Ayurvedic management for high blood pressure

High blood pressure which is also known as hypertension, is one of the life challenging diseases in thismodern era.

It is a medical condition, where the blood pressure raise above the normal levels. Twomeasurements will be taken to measure the blood pressure, named as systolic pressure and the diastolicpressure, where the systolic pressure should be within the range of 100 – 130 mmhg, and the diastolic pressureshould be within the range of 60 – 80 mmhg at rest in an normal adult.

When these measurements exceed thenormal range, it causes the hypertension where there is a high pressure sensed on the artery walls.

High blood pressure may occur by genetical factors, and also by the diet patterns, age, gender, life style patterns, psychological factors, environmental factors and due to some other diseases. High salted and high oily diets, lack of physical exercises, alcohol and cigarette consumption, stress, emotional factors and some other persisting diseases are some of the reasons for hypertension.

People often experience headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, fainting and altered vision when the blood pressure increased beyond the normal level. As hypertension may lead to some serious complications like stroke, heart failure, chronic kidney failure it is important to diagnose it on time. It is better to have a regular checkup after
30 years as blood pressure has the chance of increasing with age.

As always prevention is better than cure, we should prevent the factors which cause hypertension at first.

Take a wholesome diet with low salt and oil, also add garlic and fashion leaves in the meals, avoid alcohol and
smoking, to avoid mental pressure do meditation etc.

Ayurveda also helps to manage hypertension with natural remedies. It always have both internal and external therapies in the management of high blood pressure. Externally, there are panchakarma procedures which helps to purify the body and also regulates the body function. Along with these, Ayurveda also provides Kashaya which is prepared by using natural things which possess the quality to reduce the blood pressure.
Also there is guli, vati and choorna which are useful in the management of high blood pressure.  Also there isYoga and pranayama for maintaining the inner peace of the mind. Also there are some oils which can be applied on the head to reduce the high blood pressure instantly along with other internal medicines like vati.

These ayurvedic treatments normalize the blood pressure without causing any side effects by using natural remedies.

Lets manage the high blood pressure with the help

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