Hemorrhoids – Ayurvedic Treatments

Most of the people, at some part of their life, face hemorrhoids or at least face some of the symptoms which are related to it. Hemorrhoids also named as piles which are the swollen protrusions that can be seen in the anal canal or opening. It can be internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids or sometimes internal and external hemorrhoids. It can affect both male and female at any age but, mostly at the middle of the life. Hemorrhoids are often produced due to the excessive pressure that felt on the structures of the anal canal. Due to this pressure the they get swollen and protrude outside the anal canal.

Severe constipation, recurrent diarrhea, poor intake of fiber contents in the daily diet, poor intake of water, prolonged sitting or travelling, lifting heavy weights, ageing, obesity, genetics and some medical conditions such as ascites, pregnancy, chronic cough are some of the factors which causes hemorrhoids.

The symptoms of the hemorrhoids vary with their position whether it is an internal hemorrhoid or external hemorrhoid. If there is only internal hemorrhoid, there will be rectal bleeding during or after defecation can be seen. If it is an external hemorrhoid, there will be a swelling or mass at the anal orifice, along with rectal bleeding during or following the defecation. Can also be associated with burning sensation, severe pain during defecation, irritation and itching around the anus, fecal incontinence and mucous discharge. Due to the excessive bleeding, it may cause complications like anemia and also makes the people aggressive in nature.

There are so many simple remedies to treat hemorrhoids in Ayurveda which can avoid surgery. Both internal and external therapies are available. According to the disease severity the type of treatment given will be selected. As the internal therapies there are Kashaya, vati, guli, choorna, kalka are being used. As the external therapies agni karma (it is a para surgical procedure which is done by using a heated rod made up of five types of metals) , kshara karma (it is a cauterization therapy where ash obtained from burnt medicinal plants are used, this can be preferred instead of a surgery), guda vasti,lepa, sira vedana, sitz bath using medicated Kashaya are available.

Along with the Ayurveda treatments, we also have to take necessary measures to prevent hemorrhoids and to overcome the disease. As it is mainly caused by irregular bowel habits, we should regularize our diet by taking adequate fiber rich vegetables like green leaves (kola varga/keerai), Lasia (kohila ala/kokila kilangu), riped Stone Apple (beli/ vilwam palam), Chebulic Myrobalan Elephant (aralu/kadukkai), Foot Yam (kidaran ala/karunai kilangu) etc. and fruits like Banana (kesel gedi/valaipalam), Papaw (gas labu/pappasi), Pomeogranate (delum/mathulai) etc. in our daily diet, drink plenty of water, should engage in regular exercises, avoid prolonged sitting and traveling, shouldnot suppress the natural urges etc.

Hemorrhoids can be managed with Ayurveda treatments without surgery. By following the preventive measures and the proper treatments hemorrhoids can be cured without any doubt.

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