“I have got a headache”, one of the most heard phrases in our day to day lives. We all have experienced headaches at  some point of our lives and thus we know they all do not come into same category, considering symptoms and pain. 

Migraine headache, one of the most common types of primary headaches out of tension headache, hypnotic headache  and cluster headache is referred to as ‘sooryavartha’ in Ayurveda. ‘Soorya’ represents sun while ‘vartha’ stands for  blockage/affliction. Acharya Vagbhata is stated that sooryavartha as a tridoshaja disease which has predominantly got  pitta involvement associating vata. So when the pitta is dominant, as in the afternoon, pain goes to its peak subsiding till  the dusk reminding the motion of sun. (This is differently explained in different classics) 

This is associated with one-sided throbbing pain alongside with pain over eye brows, lasting 4-72 hours. Pulsating  sensation also happens. 

In that case any food or activity which causes pitta  

aggravation (mainly) along with other doshas act as an 

antecedent or reason to sooryavartha

⎯ Spicy food, fermented food, baked food, onion,  

chocolate and dairy food come first in the list.  

Intake of oily and dry food, pungent and salty  

tasted food gets along with them. 

⎯ Consumption of alcohol, fasting, smoking, physical stress, excessive stress on sensory organs happens due to  loud noises, bright light and strong perfume give a huge backup in this matter. 

⎯ Mental conditions which connect with pitta dosha play vital roles; anger, jealousy, grief and stress In premonitory phrase of this disease it shows off symptoms like this: 

∙ sensitivity to light, sound and smell ∙ stiffness of the neck 

∙ vomiting 

∙ unexplainable mood changes ∙ frequent yawning  

∙ constipation/ diarrhea 

Other symptoms would be visual disturbances, called aura. Blind spots in front of eyes, blurred vision, zigzag light and  seeing bright light etc. 

To pacify the vitiated doshas we can use drugs such as, 

o Sariva – Hemidesmus indicus o Amalaki – Phyllanthus emblica o Harithaki – Terminalia chebula 

o Kumari – Aloe vera o Bala – Sida cordifolia 

Prepared drugs are used in treating sooryavartha in Ayurveda like Pathyadi khada, Bhooonimbadi khada, Shirashooladi  vajra rasa etc. It is mandatory to have Ayurveda practitioners’ consent before having them. Self- treatment is not  advisable.

There are remedies which can be easily consumed to pacify vitiated pitta, 

1. Coriander infusion – put rough powder of coriander into a cup. Pour water in 1:6 ratios. Leave it for whole night and  have it in the next morning. 

2. Soak five resins and five almonds for whole night and have it in the next morning. 

It is said that prevention is always better than cure. So try to prevent above mentioned root causes, not being a victim of  this disease. As it will not leave you until you decide it to be left from your life.

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