Remedies to control high blood cholesterol

As we all know, high blood cholesterol is one of the most common disease conditions among the human  population. Cholesterol is a waxy substance, which is normally present in our body also which is needed for the normal function of the body. But when the amount of this cholesterol in the blood exceeds the  average level, it causes high blood cholesterol. 

There are two types of cholesterol; good cholesterol (HDL) which is good for the body and bad  cholesterol (LDL) which is bad for the body. So, maintaining these two in their average levels will  reduce the risk of developing high blood cholesterol in our body. 

High blood cholesterol can also be passed through the familial chain, but mainly it is caused by unhealthy diet patterns and lifestyle patterns. As everyone is leading a busy life, all are prone to fast  foods. This is the main reason for developing high blood cholesterol. Consuming high oily foods  (saturated fats), fast foods such as pizza, burgers, fried snacks, soft drinks etc will cause high blood  cholesterol. Also, consumption of alcohol, and cigarettes also causes the risk of developing high blood  cholesterol. With these inadequate exercises, sedentary lifestyles, and some persisting diseases also  have their strong impact on high blood cholesterol. As we all know not only the physical factors make  a disease but also the psychological factors. Stress is also one of the high-risk factors for high blood  cholesterol. 

As other diseases, this does not have many symptoms to show. But it may produce some signs and  symptoms due to clot/plaque formation. This may produce simple muscular pain, numbness and also a heart attack which may be fatal. Untreated high blood cholesterol often ends up with a heart disease.  So, diagnosing high blood cholesterol at the proper time and taking the proper treatment on time is  foremost important to prevent these risks. Blood test is needed to diagnose the high blood cholesterol  level with 10 to 12 hours of fasting. Normally the total blood cholesterol level should be less than 

200mg/dl, the LDL should be less than 100mg/dl and the HDL should be greater than 60 mg/dl. 

So as the high blood cholesterol has the risk of developing heart diseases and heart attack, its prevention  and management is foremost important. Ayurveda has so many treatment procedures to overcome this.  This includes both internal and external therapies. Ayurveda has panchakarma procedures (vamana,  virechana, vasti, nasya and raktha mokshana) which cause purification of the body. Always Ayurveda 

prefers purification of the body before treatment but it may differ with the patient physical constitution and the disease condition. By doing this all the channels of the body will get clear without any  obstruction and can attain full body purification at the end of pancha karma. Other than these, there are  so many Kashaya, guli, vati, and choorna etc which are administered internally which helps to reduce high blood cholesterol level in the body. Ayurveda also has a diet and lifestyle pattern for every  disease which is named as pathya apathya, which has to be followed to get cure from the diseases.  Ayurveda always gives its significant role to the mind which is the main reason for many diseases.  Ayurveda also has many yoga and pranayama to keep the mind peaceful. 

We also need proper management to overcome this disease with our lifestyle changes. First let’s make  a change in our diet pattern. Learn to eat a wholesome food which is rich in vegetables and fruits,  use low fat milk powders, sunflower oil, take small fishes, avoid fast foods, meat, prawns, cuttlefish,  chocolates, oily foods, soft drinks and seasoned foods etc. Make sure to do exercise daily. Avoid consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Also practice yoga and pranayama to maintain a peaceful mind  without stress and depression. 

Let’s live a happy long lasting life without high blood cholesterol with the help of Ayurveda.

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