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Ceylon Holistic is a digital platform for integrative medical systems in Sri Lanka.We care about the holistic health- Physical, Psychological, Spiritual and Social well-being while considering that each and every individual is unique with their constitutions.Our mission is to make a better impact on health and wellbeing combining technology with Holistic Medical systems while adapting to the current health situations in the world.

Ceylon Holistic Treatment platform provides you:

– The opportunity to expand your patient base despite of the distance, from local to international
– 24/7 online platform for your consultations
– Secured digital space for you to keep and inspect each patient’s treatment protocols
– Tele-medicine technological facility for you to conduct hassle-free consultations with your patient
– Online payment methods for your patient’s to easily make the payments
– We arrange delivering the medicine you prescribe to your patient’s, ensuring the safety of yours and your patients.
– Provide space for publishing your professional articles and researches.

This physician service agreement, hereafter refers to as” Agreement”, is entered in to this 1st day of January 2021 by and between a digital health care platform namely Ceylon Holistic Treatments and Herbal Products (Pvt)Ltd, a duly registered facility situated in No 407/E Kabellahena, Radavana, Gampaha,Sri Lanka (hereinafter referred as ”Ceylon Holistic”or “Ceylon Holistic platform”) AND A ‟Physician”(Hereinafter known as the „second party‟ and known collectively as the „parties‟)


The Second Party (herein after known as the ‟Physician”) should be a medical professional and shall be a doctor with BAMS, BSMS, BUMS licensed or a traditional practitioner

Whereas, the physician is licensed by Sri Lanka Medical Council or Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Medical Council and processes a current valid license to practice medicine, and is not currently on probation or suspension for any reason.

Now, therefore, for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which is hereby acknowledged, „Ceylon Holistic‟ will provide facilities mentioned and physician agrees to render services as set forth herein.

  1. Duties

WHEREAS the parties agree to the following duties;

    1. the Ceylon Holistic shall provide

      1. a digital platform for patients to channel the doctors; Therefore, the Patient and physician shall have online consultation with Telemed technology

      2. a method for doctors to prescribe their treatment through online

      3. delivering facilities of the prescribed medicine to the patients if required.

    1. The both parties agree to

      1. select the working dates and hours and „physician‟ may agrees to accept the patients on that dates and time slots and to devote such time and effort as is generally required in the field

      2. perform the tasks and duties related to consulting and prescribing so required in a manner consist with the practice of physician’s profession in medicine.

    1. The Physician should not provide consultation and /or treatment for life-threatening and/or emergency conditions or for matters that physician is not qualified to treat.

    1. The Physician shall refer such patients to emergency or other appropriate personal care.

  1. Licenses

The Physician should be a licensed physician in Ayurvedic Medical Council of Sri Lanka and/or Medical Council of Sri Lanka.

The Physician shall acknowledge that both Physician’s licenses and privileges to engage in the practice of medicine and prescribe medication are in good standing with Government of Si Lanka, in which physician is licensed to practice medicine.

Physician shall remain fully licensed to practice in compliance with applicable law during the term of this agreement, and Physician shall immediately notify Ceylon Holistic in writing if such is not true.

  1. Terms

The terms of the agreement shall begin on the date of registration to „Ceylon Holistic‟ and will continue until terminated by a party here to upon 3 months written notice/ email, except that it may be terminated earlier by „Ceylon Holistic‟ as defined in Termination by „Ceylon Holistic‟.

  1. Patient – Physician Relationship

  1. The Physician shall establish a valid patient-physician relationship with each patient pursuant to all applicable local and international laws, regulations, and professional standards.

  2. The Physicians shall not be allowed to share their private treatment center/dispensary addresses, locations of them or contact details, and shall not continue the specific patient- physician relationship outside of the Ceylon Holistic Platform.

  3. If there is a need of any physical treatments, Physician shall inform the Ceylon Holistic management prior via [email protected] and refer the patient to Ceylon Holistic treatment center.

  4. Physician shall remain punctual on appointments and maintain the standards.

  5. when there is any unavoidable occasion the Physician shall cancel the appointment by informing to the management of Ceylon Holistic through email (via [email protected]) and within 48 hours prior to the appointment has been booked.

  6. The Ceylon Holistic shall take the necessary action to comfort the patient.

  1. Responsibilities of The Physician

  1. The Physician shall not share nor disclose to any party, that Confidential Information acquired from the records of this Healthcare Facility, such as patient’s records including medical records; financial records , Test results and any other information relevant to the patient’s privacy among others or those that that may be determined as personal health information , unless otherwise such disclosure has been consented by the patient who is the owner of such information.

  2. The Physician may not disclose nor share any information or medical records receive by said Physician in confidence as disclosed by the patient or from the patient’s medical test results to any third party, without the authority and the consent of the patient. Where the patient be a minor, incompetent, or without the authority, consent of the patient‟s parents or legal guardian is required.

  3. The Physician shall not brows or read through any of the patient‟s confidential records from the “Ceylon Holistic‟s database unless such reading or browsing is

incidental to the Physician‟s performance of duty with the “Ceylon Holistic healthcare facility.

  1. The physician shall not copy, transfer by electronic means or move physically any of the patient‟s sensitive and confidential information without the consent of the “Ceylon Holistic “or the patient who is the owner of such information. If any such information transferred or moved, it shall be informed to the patient of such transfer with the reason thereof.

  2. Destruction, alteration, modification of any of the patient‟s information, health care records, test results, billing information and/or personal information shall require the consent of the Ceylon Holistic, by the patient ,or as so provided for by law.

  3. The Physician shall not change any access information to any device of or passage to anywhere within the premises of the “Ceylon Holistic‟s platform in the absence of consent from the said healthcare facility of the “Ceylon Holistic‟.

  4. The Physician shall ensure that any confidential information shall not be left unattended and visible to the public.

  5. In such case of a suspected breach, The Physician shall immediately notify to the “Ceylon Holistic‟s authorization.

  6. Disclosure of any Confidential Information can be made in whole or in part, and either n oral communication whether personal or via the technological medium

,or in written from ,through the transfer or distribution of a physical or digital document from any source.

  1. Payments

    1. The Physician shall fill the expected consultant fee per consultation which will be displayed at the “Ceylon Holistic‟s” Website.

    2. Ceylon Holistic shall charge 15% of the consultation fee for the Technological maintenance, Technological support, Facilitating and Marketing.

    3. The Physician shall be paid by „Ceylon Holistic on 30th of every month by depositing to the account details provided by the Physician.

    4. When the Physician cancels the booked appointment, Physician‟s consultation fee shall be refunded.

    5. When the Patient cancels a booked appointment, refund policies shall be applied by„Ceylon Holistic‟.

  1. Termination by “Ceylon Holistic‟s” treatments platform

      1. Ceylon Holistic may terminate this Agreement by written notice to physician upon the occurrence of any of the following: with Physician immediately notifying Ceylon Holistic in writing should any such event take place

        1. The revocation, suspension or cancellation of the Physician‟s professional license

        2. The imposition of any restriction or limitation on the physician by any governmental authority having jurisdiction over the physician to the extent the Physician cannot render the required professional services.

        3. A final determination by any board, or other organization having jurisdiction over the physician‟s right to practice that the physician has engaged in unprofessional or unethical conduct.

        4. Physician is convicted in a criminal or civil proceeding of fraud, misappropriation, embezzlement, Medicare or Medicaid fraud and abuse, or the commission of a felony or of narcotics related offense or pleads nolo contendere to any such charge.

        5. The failure or refusal of the Physician to comply with the reasonable policies, work requirements, standards and regulations of the Ceylon Holistic.

      2. The failure by The Physician to obtain or retain certification in his medical specialty field.

      3. The embezzlement or conversion by the physician of the “Ceylon Holistic‟s” assets or properties

      4. Inadequate or unsatisfactory quality of medical practice or performance of professional medical services of Physician in the sole discretion of the Ceylon Holistic

      5. Any other medical disciplinary cause or reason involving the Physician.

  1. Breach of this Agreement

  1. The parties hereto fully understand and agree that the Physician breaches any material obligation or covenant under this Agreement, or Physician fails to faithfully perform the services required by this Agreement: provided the Physician is first given written notice of default and ten (10) business days to cure the alleged breach.

  2. Ceylon Holistic in its sole discretion determines that the Physician is committing, or has committed during the term hereof, unfair and/or unethical practices, or practices which are or could be harmful to Patients, or in violation of law.

  1. Effect of Termination

  1. Upon termination of this Agreement, neither party shall have any further rights, duties, nor obligations, under this Agreement, except as otherwise provided herein.

  2. The termination or expiration shall not affect any liability or other obligation of either party that accrued prior to the termination or expiration.

  1. Physician Duties upon Termination

  1. Upon the termination of this Agreement, The Physician shall take all responsible steps necessary for the prompt and efficient transfer of Patients under the Physician‟s care to other Physicians in Ceylon Holistic.

  2. For a period of 30 days after the effective date of termination, The Physician shall continue to take such actions as are responsibly necessary to ensure that Patients under supervision continue to receive effective professional care.

  1. Applicable Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the State laws and other relevant rules and regulations of the Sri Lanka.

The parties agree that any suit arising from this agreement may be brought to the any court of Sri Lanka.


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