Detoxification helps to remove toxic substance from the body. It cleans your body by flushing all traces of toxic substances and creates a healthy wellbeing.

Detoxification is a natural process that occurs mainly through the liver in a person. Liver is a primary filtration system of our body that helps to convert toxic substance into waste products . But sometimes this detoxification cannot be tolerated by the liver alone. At that time, body shows some signs such as unexplained fatigue, irritated dull skin, puffy eyes, constipation, foggy memory, confusion, allergies and hair loss which indicate that your body needs a detox treatment.

In Ayurveda medicine, it has own detox treatment known as ‘Pancha karma’. This is not only a systemic detoxification, but also a bio purification. Panchakarma treatment is used to rejuvenate and energize your body by removing excess doshas.

This consists of five treatments (karma) such as  vamana, virechana, basthi, raktha mokshana and nasya. This treatment is started with Purva karma and ended with Paschath karma. Each person has their own unique balance of doshas and that is known as prakruti. This Panchakarma treatment depends on your prakruti, doshas and digestive power and, helps to avoid unbalancing of doshas and Ama. And also, you may be urged to make broader dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve more benefits from these detox treatments.

There are many benefits of this detox treatments.

Vamana karma helps to remove excess kapha doshas from the body and toxic substance from gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract.

Virechana is a purgation treatment that is used to clear bowels by removing excessive Ama and pitta.

Basthi is one of the most effective treatments for vata disorder(neurological disorders), Anaha (distended abdomen) and constipation and it is executed large intestine.

Nasya is highly effective in purging and clearing head areas.
Raktha mokshana helps to expel out vitiated blood from the body.
Thus, Panchakarma treatment offers a valuable way of cleaning away all the accumulated toxicity and wastes from the tissue by ensuring optimal health.
It removes the root cause of disease by pacifying aggressive doshas.
Improving digestion, metabolic functions and maintaining positive health in individuals.
Promoting regular and balanced elimination. Not only that, this treatment enhances the function of sense organs and slow the aging process. Provides proper nourishment and strengthens the immune system. It reduces stress, improves relaxation and tolerance. In addition, you can obtain extraordinary qualities like rasayana and vajikarana by engaging pancha karma detox treatments.
It is important to understand that each person experience detox treatment in a unique way. Attempting to detox treatment by your own is rarely successful and sometimes it might be dangerous.

These detox treatments should be carried out under the examination of  certificated Ayurveda practitioner. Detoxification is very important in order to get rid of diseases and spend a healthy life.

S.A. Ishara Sewwandi
BAMS (UG), University of Kelaniya

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